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BC Bud Depot - Soma Seeds - Lavender The history behind a marijuana store’s name is always an interesting tale. Soma Seeds - Lavender Thumbnail. The colour of this plant is intense, with the leaves turning nearly black at the ends, they are so deeply saturated with colour.

Soma - Lavender Feminised Marijuana Seeds Obviously, a store’s name alone is no indication of the quality of its product; nonetheless, it’s always nice to see a shop that references old-school genetics. Lavender cannabis seeds from Soma are little international genetic treasure houses, containing genetic material from Afghanistan, Hawaii, Korea, the US and.

Soma Seeds Purchase Superb Marijuana Strains Online Lavender Seeds from Soma For a cannabis strain that is going to delht the eye as much as the palate, you have to go a long way to find something better than Soma's Lavender weed seeds. Items 1 - 32 of 44. Soma Seeds is all about creating ecological and organic cannabis seeds for the betterment of. G13 Haze x Lavender Regular Seeds.

Buy Lavender Feminised Seeds by Soma Seeds from Seedsman Lavender by Soma Seeds is an indica hybrid that is a beauty to behold. Lavender Feminised Seeds by the cannabis seeds breeder Soma Seeds, is a Photoperiod Feminised marijuana strain. This Mostly Indica strain p.

Soma's Sacred Seeds Strains with histories that traverse Afghanistan, Hawaii, Korea, the U. Soma seeds Soma seeds. Search Search. 0 - €0.00. You have. Contact Us. We are based in Europe; [email protected]· somari. Site Map · Search.

Soma Seeds - Lavender Rich, deep purple colours, flood this little lady, giving bag appeal like nothing else. Cannabis Seed by Hh. Soma Seeds - Lavender is suitable for the following climates Hot and Temperate.

Soma Seeds Cannabis Seeds Soma Seeds was created, unsurprisingly, by Soma, a man who fell in love with cannabis when he had his first joint at the age of 18. Lavender by Soma Seeds is an indica hybrid that is a beauty to behold. With deep purple leaves this strain will mystify you leaving you chilled and.

Soma Seeds - pedia Built from strains around the world, Lavender by Soma Seeds has its orins from Super Skunk, B Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian. Soma Seeds also known as Soma's Sacred Seeds is an Amsterdam based medical cannabis seed company owned by Soma.

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