Trazodone indused sexual disfunction

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Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction and Its No financial, academic, or other support was received for this work. Clayton, MD, Department of Psychiatric Medicine, University of Virginia, 2955 Ivy Rd., Northridge Suite 210, Charlottesville, VA 22908-0623; Tel: 434-924-2241; Fax:? Discuss the clinical features, epidemiology, and etiology of antidepressant- induced sexual dysfunction. Lower risk • Bupropion • Mirtazapine • Nefazodone • Trazodone • Vilazodone ? •

Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction-072343266X Sexual dysfunction is defined as a disturbance in, or pain during, the sexual response. Nevertheless, trazodone induced penile erection upon intracorporeal injection in monkeys, but failed to do so when injected intravenously. Diazepam inhibits sexual behavior in male rats, suggesting a possible mechanism for anxiety induced psychogenic sexual dysfunction.

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Antidepressant-Induced <b>Sexual</b> Dysfunction and Its
Male and Female <strong>Sexual</strong> Dysfunction-072343266X
<b>Trazodone</b>. Forum discussing <b>Trazodone</b> at Patient Patient
Male <em>sexual</em> <em>disfunction</em> from anti depressant Edronax?reboxetine.
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