Effexor side effects night sweats

Does anyone else experience heavy sweating while on Venlafaxine. As many as one in five patients taking Paxil experience nht sweats. Although you certainly wonder how long you'll be on it. So bad you have to change the sheets, or your nht clothes. That's what it's like for about 20% of the patients taking Paxil. It's common for patients to report the nht sweats did not begin for several years after starting Paxil, so there may be other reasons for it. While as Pledge says, excessive sweating is a common side effect of many. Nht sweats can be caused for many reasons including menopause. doctor increased Effexor and then subsequently tapered it, I sweat through.

Effexor Side Effects Alternative to Meds Center Imagine this: You started Paxil maybe one, two, or more years ago. Then, for no reason at all, you start sweating like CRAZY at nht. There is no known cure for Paxil nht sweats, except to stop taking the Paxil. For example: But if you're taking Paxil, and the nht sweating is severe, most likely it's caused by the Paxil. Some people believe taking the Paxil at nhttime makes the sweating worse. Effexor XR side effects that have been reported by users themselves include jaw clenching, teeth grinding during sleep, nht sweats, strange dreams, sharp.

Effexor excessive sweating - MedHelp Venlafaxine ER (Effexor XR) is a moderately priced drug used to treat depression. My sister takes Effexor for mild depression and the only side effect she. I have heard of and experienced excessive sweating at nht while taking the Effexor.

Effexor side effects night sweats:

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